Key facts and review of AnyOption

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Traders have a large selection of trading platforms in order to choose from, with the growing popularity of trading in the binary options market. Anyoption is one of the most popular of these and it is popular for very good reason. Anyoption has been considered to be a market leader in the binary options trading arena since its establishment.

Key Facts About Anyoption

In 2009, Anyoption was founded. And the platform offers trader payouts of between sixty five and eighty percent. Also, Anyoption involves a primary minimum deposit from traders of two hundred dollars and a minimum trading amount of twenty five dollars. Also, depending upon the specific trade, the platform requires a maximum trading amount that can vary.

iStock_000016678855XSmallEven though Anyoption’s payout percentages could look small if you compare it to some of the other online BO trading platforms, Anyoption provides to traders a loss safety assurance that truly provides traders less general risk in that they can always receive fifteen percent back if their options expires out-of-the-money.

The Anyoption binary options trading platform provides traders a large variety of fundamental assets in the areas of individual indices, stocks, currency pairs and commodities. These assets are representative primarily from Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Anyoption’s Option plus feature is available with the following underlying assets: DAX Futures, AUD/USD, Facebook stock, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, FTSE MIB, the S&P Futures index, Gold and Oil.

For new and experienced traders the Anyoption platform is considered simple to use. The platform is browser based, and that means that there is no software required for download by its users.

It means that traders can manage their BO trades from anyplace as there is an Internet connection with Anyoption’s browser based platform. Also, Anyoption offers a mobile trading ability for users who have Android or iPhone mobile devices. Traders can access their account when using these apps, and also make and monitor their trades on the go.

Its roll forward option is one of the most popular features that is offered by Anyoption. Traders are able to move their options expiry dare forward when using this, in order to avoid losses, and giving them the chance to have their option expire in-the-money at a later time.

Reliability and Security

images (2)Because of the vast amount of proprietary financial information that is transferred to and from the Anyoption website, this platform offers a few security features, which include data encryption of trading details, together with the personal information that is provided by the website’s users.

VIP Program and Bonuses

The platform provides numerous promotions and bonus options even though Anyoption doesn’t offer a VIP program – and these are updated very often. These can contain set amounts of bonus cash, depending upon the trader’s primary deposit amount.

Special Features

Lately Anyoption offered a new option for its traders called Option plus. Traders are allowed to sell their positions back to Anyoption at any time with this feature. This is a perfect way for traders to get a type of stop-loss provision that can result in an avoidance of trading losses.

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