Types of Binary Options Instruments to Trade


– High or Low
You only need to choose whether the market will fall or rise with this type of option. You will need to decide whether the expiry of the market price will be lower or higher than the price you purchased at. If the price will go towards the direction selected by the expiration time, you will get a fixed return equal to eighty five percent in proportion to how much you have invested.

This type of trading option is very easy:
• You just click on the option that you want to trade, for example Eur/Usd
• They you select High or Low depending on the direction that you think the market is moving to.
• You can enter the amount you want to invest and click on buy. 

Touch or No Touch
INVEST-AND-TRADE-FOREX-e1424897376165You can make a decision whether you think the present market price by the deadline will touch a certain price level or not with this type of binary option. In the vicinity of a support or a resistance this investment vehicle is recommended. Actually, if the target price was above certain strength, it is wise to purchase a – do not touch, thinking that the confrontation will reject the market price and it won’t touch the target price.
In this way you can use this option:
• You can click on the option that you want to trade
• Then select Touch or No Touch
• Then you can enter the amount you wish to invest and then click on buy.

In the case the market closes, with this option you get a fixed return in the range set by the target prices or out of range, depends on how you think it is going move before the date of expiration of the option:
• You just need to click on the option that you want to trade.
• Then select In or Out depending on how you think the price will be.
• You can enter the amount you wish to invest and then click on buy.

Option – Buy Back 
BloggingThe binary options platform that only provides the chance for its customers to close the option before expiration is 24option.com. Actually, before arriving at expiration the Buy Back lets the client to lock the made investment. After three minutes of opening that option for up to five minutes before the deadline a price of closure will be offered, if at that time the option is in the money, you will have a profit, however you will limit the loss if you’re out of money. Here you can see some good binary options robot which can be useful in trading options.

Different types of activities
In binary options, 24option provides trading on a variety of financial markets, additionally to Forex, you can trade on Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Metals.
24option offers a range of advanced technology and pricing algorithms, which lets offering a large range of financial instruments without equivalents. You can enjoy a profit on your investment of up to eighty five percent in a matter of minutes on 24option, before making the investment with all risks and known benefits.

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